Building Design

We take the time to truly learn about your business and your dream building. Then design around all perimeters of budget and custom building needs.

We fully realize that every project we have the privilege of being awarded is one which will play a significant role in your life both as an investment and in many cases your business. While we happily tackle projects of any size we consider all of them to require a tremendous deal of care, perfection and attention to detail.

Designing a custom building is truly and art

When designing your custom build we sit down with you and truly learn about your business, our experience and insight to allow us to bring to the table concepts and ideas you likely have not thought of to help maximize your budget and your plans. This exciting stage of the process is a hugely significant stepping stone towards a truly brilliant end project.

Budget Analysis

Cowden-Woods has 20 years of experience in assisting clients with budget analysis. We will help you make the most of your money and design your building to meet your needs and your budget.

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