Land Sourcing & Site Evaluation

Finding the perfect location to construct your custom building is going to be one of the most important decisions you make and we will help you navigate the entire process. When investing in a custom build project typically you are in it for the long haul, want to ensure that the investment is sound and for industrial, commercial applications there are several business related factors that come into play when the building becomes operational.

In addition to these more obvious reasons there are several other factors that you might not have thought of that require a great deal of industry knowledge and experience to both navigate around or through!


Property costs in most cases cannot be evaluated on per acre cost alone. Cowden-Woods has extensive experience in managing site selection saving you time and aggravation before your get started. Feasibility of the location has several layers to it, always keeping your budget in mind we can forecast most expenses related to the selection of the site. For example environmental elements that will impact construction and 'red tape" such as:

  • Site Plan Approvals
  • Land Use Zoning
  • MEO Approvals
  • Conservation Authorities

Furthermore we also have to consider the properties location from an end use factor. Will you receive the foot traffic you are looking for, overall visibility, environmental impacts with changing seasons and access limitations including proximity to the highway and forecastable future possibilities of surrounding land.

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